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What is Givin?

Givin is anything and everything around us that is you consider outstanding or positive. The friends we bond with, the accomplisments we have made, even that amazing restaurant downtown. The great things in our lives are considered GIVIN. Read more...

Latest Client: Eland Inc.

Eland Inc. are a logistics companythat specialized in the transportation and distribution of coffee and tea. Eland has asked Givin Design to create a series of advertisement for the Tea & Coffee Trade Jorunal. Read more...

Latest News: Givin Films launches!

February 16, 2017 - We have expanded our servies and now offer cinematography. With the world wide web technology advancing every day, video has been an important marketing tool for any business today. Visit our sister site at

Welcome to Givin Design!

Our process is simple. Thinking. Creating. Satisfying.

About us

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Latest Client: Eland Inc.

Eland Inc. is a World Class Supply Chain Solutions provider focused on the foodservice industry. We offer over 30 years experience dedicated to the green coffee and tea trades and have been providing supply chain solutions since 1978. In its humble beginnings operating from a one bedroom apartment in Mississauga, Ontario Doug had a vision to encompass all the logistics solutions required to service the green coffee trade under one roof.  By 2002 it became the largest supply chain service provider in Canada to bring solutions to the green coffee trade.

What Does Givin Mean?

What is Givin? Givin embodies positivity. It is anything and everything around us that is outstanding or positive. It is the friends we bond with, the accomplisments we have made, even that amazing restaurant downtown.To us, all of the great things in life are considered GIVIN. We honour this name by creating powerful and impactful solutions for our clients. We think about and create solutions that deliver GIVIN satisfaction through all the marketing problems that we face. Tour our website to see how Givin Design can help create an impactful visual communication solution for you. Check out our work..

What is our Process?

Thinking. Our process starts here. We are given a problem, whether it's an online presence, a full branding solution that involes a logo, business card, a video for the web, letterhead design or a simple flyer, we tackle the problem by brainstroming and doing research. This is the most important part of our process because it will pinpoint us the right direction to the solution.

Creating. The next step in our process is to create a solution using all types of our resources and inspiration with the research that we have collected. We develop pliminary sketches, concepts, blue prints and mock ups and present them to our clients and discuss with them in detail the solution.

Satisfy. The final step is to make sure that the solution is executed correctly using the latest tool, technologyand software. We partner up with some of the best resources in our industry and make sure the outcome is to the clients' satisfaction.


"I like getting value and quality for my investments and I will stand behind Givin against anybody anytime.”"

Enrico Laurente - Kinetic Energix. [Partner/Co-Founder]

"Givin's creativity and knowledge of design make him the "go to company" when it comes to helping your business get noticed."

Derek Tymchuk - TFW Mississauga

Services/Case Studies

Case Study: Marron Bistro Moderne

Logo Design, Collateral, Website Design & Development

For those who seek an exciting, delicious, elegant and memorable dining experience – look no further then Marron Bistrio Moderne. Marron an innovative Toronto restaurant featuring the finest in French and modern cuisine prepared to the highest standards of kashrut. What was needed from the beginning was a logo identity that will best represent the restaurant. The icon of the chestnut was an obvious choice since the word Marron means chestnut in French. 3 chestnuts illustration was use to represent the many delicious gourment dishes Marron will be preparing. Thier focus was to give their customers a full dining experience not just with the food they eat but as soon as they enter the doors. This mission was clearly understood and explained once in their website showing which shows the elegant dining atmosphere and fun staff.

Case Study: The City of Orangeville

Post cards, Banners

Orangville, Ontario wanted to introduce high speed connection for both their residential and commercial community. They wanted to promote this in their city and let them be aware that high speed internet is available to increase connection and productivity.The campaign was achieved by using visually fast-moving graphics and also the use of Orangeville’s color branding throughout the campaign. Several different print materials were created with a consistent look and feel to inform the city of Orangeville.

Our Clients

Trust and loalty are key to a successful relationship.

We have worked with a lot of businesses both big and small. Here are some of the clients that we are proud to have worked with:


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